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Mobile phone locks compared to the traditional door locks the 3 major advantages
DATE:2016-09-28 11:43:54

  With the progress and development of the times, the scope of intelligent furniture products is more and more widely。 Today, Guangzhou Bai Jie Electronic Science and Technology Co。, Ltd。 to analyze and compare the phone door locks compared to the traditional door locks of the 3 major advantages, look at it together!

  Do you often go out to forget to bring the key to it? Do you often hurry to go out and found the key do not know where to put it? And in contrast, you are not anywhere where the phone will be inches away from the body?

  With the continuous development of smart phones, there has been a growing number of smart home can be controlled by the phone to install APP, and the emergence of smart phone locks, smart home is another area of development. Smart door locks, is through Bluetooth wireless communication technology, with the help of smart phones and supporting applications, open the door directly through the phone, compared with the traditional door locks, smart door lock advantage is obvious.

  Mobile phone locks compared to the traditional door locks the 3 major advantages

  First, the smart phone has become a necessity, and its commitment to the role of the constant expansion.

  Since entering in twenty-first Century, mobile phones, wallets, keys have been the three major carry items. And with the development of smart phones, the third party payment platform and the emergence of smart phone locks have made the wallet and keys are gradually being eliminated. In the foreseeable future, the user only need to carry a smart phone.

  Guangzhou Bai Jie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. combined with advanced technology, through a full range of product lines and perfect service network, to provide customers with the highest value-added smart card applications and security products solutions. Since its inception in 2003, the Bai Jie electronic ITPAKO series CPU non contact Carmen ban, on-line intelligent lock and IC Carmen banned a series of products with excellent performance have accumulated solid foundation, has become the current domestic market in the early industrialization of non-contact CPU card and biometric system equipment enterprises, is the domestic counterparts the most potential for development, science and technology industrial enterprises the most development scale, the relevant state secret algorithm can meet the requirements of national product bureau password access encryption standard, ITPAKO will successfully create a domestic smart card industry leading brands.

  If the phone has no electricity or lost, smart locks have more solutions. Users can download the application by another phone, login their own account, you can unlock. Unikey and other parts of the smart door lock also provides a traditional key to open the door of the alternative.

  Two, mobile phone smart door lock allows users to decide who to enter the door as well as remote open the door.

  This scene is not uncommon: relatives and friends decided to visit, and their own is not at home, we usually let them in the vicinity of waiting or waiting at the door. With the smart door locks, we can open the door directly to them in the distance.

  There are some other scenes, such as: to help the dog friends, express delivery, send gas water delivery workers, we are open to their designated mobile phone remote, different their stay at home waiting for their arrival is very convenient!

  After they open the door into the house, the smart door lock will send a push notification to the user, to remind the door lock has been opened and who is open。 After they leave, the user will receive the corresponding notice。 More convenient is that the user can cancel the authorization at any time, these people do not have to be re authorized is not possible to open the door lock。

  When other people try to open the door lock, the user can also be notified in a timely manner, so as to take measures to deal with. Can also be matched with the corresponding camera.

  Three, smart locks do not have the trouble of losing the key, do not have to re match the key, and also do not have to replace the lock because of lost key.

  An expenditure to buy smart locks can be exempted from the future replacement of locks and the cost of re equipped with the key。 Current smart locks are usually powered by ordinary AA battery, power can be supported for 6-12 months。 Power becomes low, the smart phone will receive a reminder to replace the battery。

  This is set for the now hot housing rental service Airbnb share has a more convenient role。 Airbnb owners can directly authorize the short-term tenant to open the door, after they leave the license, and no need to replace the door lock。

  In the United States each year the new lock market sales, the proportion of new home installation and replacement of the old lock roughly half。 A major advantage of smart locks was removed from the necessary for the next few years frequently, therefore easier to get frequent for the needs of the users, such as residential apartments and Airbnb landlord approval。

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