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Bluetooth door lock is really safe?
DATE:2016-10-10 10:35:55
The door is the last barrier to a home, opened the door, a home is exposed! With the development and progress of the times, intelligent Home Furnishing has been becoming more and more popular, smart door lock seems to be the perfect solution to users often forget to take the key questions. However, the user does not particularly trust the smart door lock. After all, the heritage of thousands of years of traditional door lock is not to change can change, then the Bluetooth lock is a safe product it can replace the traditional door lock it?!
Bluetooth lock is how to unlock it?
1, open the door, open the door: support APP password, optional card (non standard);
2, remote management: the administrator can through the background, the user remote authorization to open the door;
3, low power alarm: low power consumption will remind the administrator in the background;
4, open the door for visitors: temporary someone visiting, the master is not in, can apply through the APP dynamic password or by phone, micro letter to inform each other of the door, the password is valid for a period of 10 minutes, lapsed automatically;
5, remote control to open the door in APP and tap to remote control to open the door, no need to open up when someone knocked at the door, the effective distance of 10 meters (doors);
6, open the door to record the query: the administrator can through the background, a room or a user, to open the door to record and check, open the door can also be used as a record of attendance;
7, to support the private cloud build: to provide a private cloud platform to build.
Security is a complex problem that needs a lot of factors by the combination, including mechanical components and electronic components, combination and combination, network transmission and process control, system security settings, the use of methods and habits are directly affect the safe use of intelligent lock. Bluetooth smart lock security problems, the existence of non Bluetooth lock. Such as: the fingerprint lock is easy to be duplicated, Wi-Fi decoding, password cracking, mechanical lock core, the lock is easy to open the panel easily open problems in other intelligent lock also exist problems. Bluetooth lock security issues, in addition to the Bluetooth transmission and reception process of security issues, other security issues are also a lot of. So, a safety intelligent lock in addition to electronic information encryption and decryption, there are a lot of work to do, otherwise the same security useless.
Most Bluetooth door locks are defined by the following:
1, Download App, bound phone, mobile phone near the door lock automatically open, and provide the log record and view of the switch door;
2, remote management of door locks, can send (temporary) electronic key to the authorized user;
3, in addition to Bluetooth, the other provides a variety of alternate verification methods, such as traditional keys, fingerprints, passwords;
4, at any time to check the status and power of the door lock.
So how do we choose a safe Bluetooth smart door lock?
The secure intelligent lock must satisfy the following conditions:
1, higher encryption, decryption technology, authentication level, simple encryption technology can not be used to guard against theft.
2, mechanical lock core must choose high security level. Not easy to open.
3, the panel is not easy to open. Able to prevent damage to open.
4, did not use the Bluetooth to automatically and with the phone, the network from, to avoid too much cloud docking, to prevent hackers to steal passwords must be done after the system.
5, account, password as far as possible not to save on the cloud server, in case of theft. A cloud server must have sufficient encryption level.
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