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CPU Carmen ban system introduction
DATE:2016-10-18 9:48:26
"CPU Carmen ban" system is a comprehensive information platform based on the database, and the non-contact CPU card as the core of modern electronic and information technology based on the installation of automatic identification system in buildings outside the entrance, through to the people (or objects) and intelligent management system for the implementation of release, rejection, records and other operations the.
Below is the CPU of our company's production of the national secret card reader:
CPU card is a contactless smart card in the true sense, CPU has a central processor (CPU), random access memory (RAM), program memory, data memory (ROM) (EEPROM) and chip operating system (COS), CPU card is not only a single contactless card, and a card operating system (COS) application platform, equipped with a COS CPU card is equivalent to a computer, not only has the function of data storage, at the same time with the command processing, computing and data encryption.
CPU can be used for enterprises in the high security requirement, bus and subway and other social applications, the user has a large space, reading speed, a multi-purpose card, high security features, with ISO contactless reading and writing standards, support of the people's Bank of China PBOC2.0 standard and the Ministry of construction of IC card application specification;
Card appearance and size and ordinary M1 IC card.
My company's production of CPU Carmen card reader contains "CPU" and "card" and "ordinary CPU card".
Difference between CPU card and MIFARE1 card
The logic encryption card adopts the fixed password M1 card, and the use of non-contact CPU card using the dynamic password, and is a close with a non-contact CPU card, every brush card authentication password is not the same; CPU card authentication system for mutual authentication. Only in the card and the terminal are legal under the condition of complete information exchange, the card read and write.
This intelligent authentication mode makes the security of the system is improved, especially when both parties after completion of the transaction, the acquirer may modify or forge the transaction flow to achieve the purpose of making a profit, in order to prevent the forgery of terminal transaction flow, the system requirements can be generated by the card transaction verification code generated by the elements of the transaction, in the background of liquidation to verify the validity of the transaction. Non contact CPU card can generate a transaction verification code TAC at the end of the transaction, which is used to prevent the forgery of transactions. Because the logic encryption card does not have the operation ability, it is impossible to generate the verification code of the transaction.
Therefore, from a security point of view, from the IC card logic encryption card to upgrade to the CPU card is an inevitable choice.
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