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Cell phone locks improve your life from these aspects
DATE:2016-10-14 10:29:08
With the development of intelligent Home Furnishing, mobile phone locks have been more and more popular! Many people said: since I have the traditional door locks, door locks and traditional heritage for thousands of years, I am still very dependent on it, why choose mobile phone locks? The Guangzhou Bai Jie buddy will introduce the advantages of mobile phone lock it will improve your life!
A perfect solution to the problem of the house of keys
This is an issue that many people have encountered, probably because of getting up late, hurriedly rush to work, the result forgot the key; probably because go out looking at mobile phone, forget the key; just might want to throw a garbage door, come back soon, so he didn't take the key, the results just out of a gust of wind give you the door shut; probably because I do not know where to put the keys, the eyes sweep the desktop does not see that in the bag, but still left at home. There are a variety of reasons, but people today, mobile phone is carrying goods, believe everybody to be the same, regardless of the other with no mobile phone, anyway, must take! Therefore, mobile phone locks will appear the perfect solution to the key problems at home.
Two, to solve the cumbersome procedures for opening the door
The use of traditional locks when we go out often with anti-theft lock, but when go shopping back to face the tedious procedure is particularly want to open the door for you? Holding a lot of items, not down, not down is not really annoying enough!! and the mobile phone door lock, as long as you go to the door, through the mobile phone Bluetooth function will automatically match your mobile phone, automatic door function!
Three, open the door control, for your friends and family to provide convenient
Do you often have a lot of friends and family to come home to visit? Although there are agreed in advance a good time, but the plan changes, you might suddenly something temporary, or the traffic jam on the way, you're not home, but friends and relatives to the door to do? Let them have been at the door wait? Before the mobile phone lock, seems only so, but after a mobile phone you can use locks, remote control, for your friends to open the door.
There are some other aspects of this is not a detailed description, after all, the most frequently encountered problems in life have been solved, the phone is still very convenient door lock!
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