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How to choose access CPU card reader
DATE:2016-10-18 9:54:19
With the CPU card application is growing, how to choose a suitable gate to disable the non-contact CPU card (CPU card) card reader become issues of concern to the user, CPU card reader is used for data acquisition and exchange on the CPU card, therefore, to choose a suitable CPU card reader the card, first need to clarify the CPU card in the system to realize the function of what, then according to the reader from the CPU card collection and exchange information to confirm what card reader function.
CPU card: also known as smart card with a microprocessor CPU, a storage unit in integrated circuit card (including random access memory RAM, program memory ROM (FLASH), user data memory EEPROM) and chip operating system COS. The CPU card with COS is equivalent to a mini computer, which not only has the function of data storage, but also has the function of command processing and data security protection.
CPU card classification
CPU cards are not only contact type also have non contact type.
IC card classification
Non encrypted memory card: IC card is EEPROM, has the function of data storage, not with the function of data processing and hardware encryption.
Memory card: logical encryption encryption logic circuit increases based on non encrypted memory card, encryption logic circuit by checking password to protect the card data for external access is open, but only low levels of security, to prevent malicious attacks.
CPU card standard
Since 1987, the international organization for standardization has formulated and promulgated the international standard of CPU. The standard of the CPU card itself is:
10536 - ISO: identification cards - Contactless IC card
ISO - 7816: integrated circuit cards with contacts - identification card
- ISO7816-1: the provisions of physical property card. The physical properties of the card are described in the card should achieve the ability to protect ultraviolet light, X light irradiation dose, card and contact mechanical strength, anti electromagnetic interference ability, etc..
ISO7816-2: the specified size and position card.
- ISO7816-3: provision card signal and transmission protocol. Transmission protocol includes two kinds: synchronous transmission protocol and asynchronous transmission protocol
- ISO7816-4: Regulations card interindustry commands for interchange. Including: the card and read and write between the transfer of the command and response information content; in the card file, data structure and access methods; defined in the card file and data access rights and security structure.
Basic characteristics of CPU card:
- with ISO 14443 TypeA and ISO 7816 interface dual interface CPU card
The hardware of the DES/3DES coprocessor
The hardware of the RSA coprocessor
The hardware of the SM1 coprocessor
The hardware random number generator
CPU card function requirements:
- support PBOC2.0 debit credit application
- support PBOC2.0 micro payment application based on credit notes
- support PBOC2.0 contactless IC card payment application (QPBOC)
Application support PBOC2.0 electronic wallet
- support DDA/CDA authentication
Choose a good card, the card reader to read and confirm the information is the location in which the CPU card (pre written information according to the read CPU card with UID, or read the CPU card storage space to confirm classification) if you only need to read CPU UID card number, select the card reader is relatively simple you can choose to support, "ISO 144431234" protocol authentication read-only CPU card does not read the MF1 IC card reader, such as: SCR-A/WG-XX, the reader can realize the basic function of the CPU card reader UID no..
If you need to read the end user custom information pre stored in the CPU card, is divided into two kinds, one is for the user to provide a CPU card, need to confirm the supply and demand sides of communication need to read the card COS instruction set, key algorithm, CPU card reader supplier will according to the confirmation of both instruction and algorithm information and related information to the user's need to read the procedures, the specific content and technical personnel can read the card vendor for details of the communication; another way is the reader to the supplier to provide the CPU card and a matching card reader, in this case, the user only needs according to the supplier of DEMO software on the CPU card the key and the card number and other information management, or according to the supplier's CPU card two times development package of PC software development, this way, in addition to the need to purchase CPU Card reader outside, also need to purchase CPU card initialization Reader: SCRW-A/USB-XX, for the CPU card initialization, key management, the use of the card to write information.
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