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Questions and answers on the national secret entrance guard
DATE:2016-10-18 9:35:21
National secret access is what? What are the characteristics of the future prospects of how to do it? The following Guangzhou Bai Jie electronics for the introduction of a small partner in detail as follows, welcome to view!
Q1: the origin of the national secret door control products?
The development of science and technology, access control system plays an increasingly important role in the intelligent building; but the access card, copy crack has been a serious threat to the security of access control system, high safety in dense access control system has attracted the attention of the people. So how is it from?
In M1 Carmen was banned after the break, in order to ensure the safety of an access control system, in 2009 the State Encryption Administration issued "on the issuance of an access control system password Application guide notice", "password algorithm with clear requirements in access control system must meet the requirements of the State Encryption administration". This means that the smart card system used in smart access card and security equipment must use the national secret algorithm, the national secret access control system came into being.
Q2: how to prevent the national secret access products crack, copy, completely safe?
Compared with the original M1 system Carmen ban, state secret access control system is generally independent of domestic intellectual property rights of the CPU card, CPU card read-write device and key management system based on the national important departments, financial institutions, military units and other high level important access control system construction, upgrading to provide solutions. Its advantages are shown in:
Enhanced security features
The built-in high speed state secret SM1 algorithm co processor, which improves the security protection of the non-contact identification between the card and the card reader, and ensures the legitimacy of the identity authentication service.
State secret CPU card
Support 128 bit key to achieve two-way authentication and data encryption transmission, to support a multi card, the implementation of cascade management, the application of the independent domain.
Complete key management
Users to master the management of key system, to ensure the safety of the key in the process of generation and delivery, KMS compact compact, easy to use, cost-effective.
Modern humanized design
The appearance of ultra-thin fashion and elegant, material texture is excellent, the shape of the unique beauty of practical beauty. Using imported PHOENIX terminal, installation and maintenance is convenient, can be suitable for different scenarios application.
Based on the above advantages, compared to the traditional access control system, the national security access to more secure, so that customers more at ease.
Q3: what is the market prospect of national secret door guard?
In recent years, with the national relevant ministries issued a document for several years to promote, more and more government, enterprise access card system for the procurement requirements of the state secret CPU card. High-end CPU card card system has become the mainstream, especially the national secret access control, in the promotion of government departments, the market is developing very fast.
Currently in the judicial, prison, government, banking, power and other industries, the new and transformation system requires the use of national secret access control system more and more customers, the national secret access control technology is gradually accepted by the customer.
In fact, in an important sector, such as prison, justice, military, scientific research departments have begun to transform or new access control system requires the use of national secret access control technology, the national secret access market is unprecedented growth, broad prospects.
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