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Wireless networking locks - smart door locks the development of new trends
DATE:2016-10-24 18:00:25
With the people on the safety performance requirements of the door lock, the electronic door lock is slowly causing people's attention. At present, it has become the enterprises (thing) business units, office buildings and other modern office, student or staff quarters and other applications and non charge nature of the piano room, computer room, laboratory and other personnel flows in and out of the lock management situation of choice, but also become a hotel, hotels, clubs and other places of the first door.
Development trend of smart door lock in wireless network
At present, some electronic door lock products developed by ZigBee and other short distance wireless technology are gradually being recognized and applied in the market. ZigBee is a kind of wireless communication technology based on low speed and short distance transmission. It has a stable signal, high speed and convenient networking, which is gradually being valued by the industry. Based on ZigBee technology and the emerging wireless networking door lock is also more and more widely known. Currently many companies are involved in the technology industry, in particular, such as Guangzhou Bai Jie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. such a smart door lock enterprises in the field of technology has been more mature, widely recognized by the market......
Wireless network intelligent lock system, using non-contact RF 13.56M card as the key, the communication using wireless networking mode, can achieve upload and record list issued by the remote server, management software, real-time monitoring equipment, power door lock signal, online information, convenient operation and maintenance of customer. In the science and technology developed today, wireless networking intelligent lock system has become a modern management system, complete functions, far beyond the unit of the electronic lock simple requirements, but also helps to regulate the internal personnel management. It can not only keep a record in the offline / online mode lock operation control, limit the range of activities of personnel, politely refused to casual visitor will also protect the property, inviolability.
Traditional electronic door lock unlock process is more complex, the failure rate is relatively high, the power consumption is also higher...... As the project one by one, the industry peers and customers are more and more aware that the traditional electronic lock has its own problems, unable to view real-time data, real-time lock issued a blacklist and other defects, at the same time, wiring trouble and so on. Compared with the traditional electronic door locks and wireless network technology, wireless communication is adopted between each lock point and management center, can solve the traditional aesthetic effect brought by wiring, convenient construction, and there are security risks and other shortcomings.
The next few years, with consumer awareness of the promotion, market recognition, and establish sales network, wireless network lock will have a revolutionary impact on the lock market.
Wireless networking smart door lock application range
1 is entirely dedicated to the management of office design: each industry has its own characteristics, the design of the hotel for the hotel design and management is obviously not suitable for the management of enterprise office management. Special lock office management system, from the details of the design of lock selection, system framework and management software, all for the special characteristics of office to design.
2 Wireless Networking: first of all must be networking, to solve the problems mentioned in the preamble. The second is to use wireless networking, so that neither the power cord, nor the cloth data line, both real-time management, but also to save more and more human costs.
3 management services: office electronic lock meaning is not simply solves the key management problem, also is not simply a means of defense and security, and should be real-time networking function using electronic locks, better for the business office management service.
Network technology has developed rapidly, it is well known, the combination of wireless networking technology and smart locks is the crystallization of wisdom. Wireless networking smart door locks the application of this technology, to bring a lot of convenience to people's lives, powerful smart door locks with excellent product quality, is an advanced technology products with the coexistence of security.
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