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Purchasing and installing technique of smart door lock
DATE:2016-10-31 15:48:26
In recent years, intelligent door lock is very hot, if you want to catch up with the trend of home intelligent lock gate. Then, how should I choose?
1, first to figure out what is the smart lock
Fingerprint lock, induction lock, password lock...... These are not smart locks. Tough to say, truly intelligent lock are App, for example, all operations only need to open the App mobile phone to get a key, in a sense, you are to solve this matter on the cloud to lock the door.
2, Yan value is high, can not be pulled low grade
Smart locks must be installed in the home, such as a window or door, so you will often see it. Just like buying a bag to buy shoes, must be worn with the overall mix will not look uncomfortable ah. Buy a door lock is the same, unlike the traditional buy a door directly above the design of a mechanical lock, and now the situation is that the door has a smart lock must be bought with the door with the.
3, security standards, the thief is also an anti hacker
Because the thief is good at picking intelligent lock in a large purpose is to prevent thieves. Now the thief can't go in...... The results were hacked, easy to decrypt the hall into the home...... So smart lock platform must be safe, not only to prevent the operation of the thief, be sure to do a good technology, such as those using the military to encrypt and decrypt the standard.
4, not only the pursuit of intelligence, the function of human nature
Choose a must try some intelligent lock, look at the procedures have come through. For example, a child at home accidentally locked the door can not come out. So you buy a smart lock must be used by all members of the family.
5, strong adaptability, the signal is not affected by the environment
Hello is not easy to install a smart lock, the results of people simply can not receive the signal, so before buying or to determine whether the stability of the lock signal. For example, in the wooden doors, stainless steel doors, steel doors are all tried again, properly properly drop ~!
Six main points for attention in the installation of smart door locks
Physical fingerprint password locks are generally supported by the installation of security doors, wooden doors, the thickness of the door is recommended not less than 45mm, not more than 90mm.
Actually door lock installation is very simple, need to pay attention to is the following:
1 door lock guide board does not match
As we all know, the style of the security door is different, the size of the guide board is also different, the company currently offers guide board specifications. If different, need to be replaced.
2 doors need to install and cut off the hook
There is no door lock, and hook will be directly cut on it,
Note: we do not open the lock core, saw heaven and earth hook does not need to open the lock core!
3 directional screw mounting
The directional screw is lock core above a black inner six angle screw directional screw are installed in the lock core general factory installed above, the correct method is in from the side of the lock core screw toward the inside of the room, so to adjust according to the actual situation, but must ensure that the directional screw is installed in the lock core in the side room otherwise, do not open the door
4 door open direction
A lock tongue and a handle, relates to the left and right hand door, the direction of the handle may be wrong, need to adjust, then need to come up with kit the largest inner six angle wrench from the inner side of the panel, toward the handle hole of the handle is inserted in the hole, a six angle screw, screw loose you can remove the handle, the direction of change can be oh.
5 installation of two generous shafts
The door opened kit has 3 generous axis, which we used only two square shaft, if installed when the square shaft is long, can cut off Oh (but remember do not according to the square shaft head)
We need to pay attention to the size of shaft distinction, the indoor side head toward the lock core, the outdoor side head toward the outer panel handle (head mounted on the line toward the door)
Note that in the first into the spring shaft before the spring head out.
6 installed to complete the test
Especially, door locks installed to test several times to be closed, if the door lock is installed, the wrong, it will appear in outside, embarrassed state can't open the door, the outer panel installed then you can take the key test.
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