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Value analysis of smart door lock in apartment
DATE:2016-10-31 15:58:50
In recent years, smart locks in the life more and more common, many apartments also began to put on a smart door lock, so in the end apartment intelligence door lock have much value? Today Guangzhou Bai Jie electronic buddy for everyone to share, please see!
1, intelligent lock how to solve the pain points of the apartment
Current technology, to support the smart lock for the apartment to solve any pain points, the first is the key to the management; second is the key to pass; third is how to facilitate the customer's stay, pay, etc..
House, key, key management difficulties, the tenant to lease to the lock, to prevent security risks.
Rental convenience: a week before the expiration of 3 days or the first week, you can push messages to the tenant. Can effectively solve the problem of personal reminders.
Under the existing technology, the intelligent lock can be automatically completed. There are many kinds of functional and technical solutions for intelligent lock:
First, the WIFI program, once the server has been hacked, may cause the door normally open or normally closed, a lot of hidden dangers;
Second, through a certain way to achieve remote control of the lock or send a password, etc.;
Third, Bluetooth networking solutions, more secure, the server is black and can not cause the door lock out of control;
Fourth, through the mobile phone Bluetooth and the Bluetooth communication module lock, indirect network, remote control can not only close to the command, or lock the door lock to open the door.
2, door lock system of the value of thinking
Lock the basic routines and positioning, from the Hotel So industry in terms of locks, there are three kinds of locks, Kaba, lock Sip and card wing. A lot better lock price will be more than more than 2 thousand.
Centralized apartment will use ordinary door locks, decentralized management more difficult, so it will be the use of online locks through the dynamic mechanism to control the door lock. For a long rented apartment, it's not a question of choosing a lock but how to choose a low cost, how to help you to reduce labor costs and improve labor efficiency of a lock.
For an apartment business, it should be used to think about how the system to consider the value of the entire apartment door lock.
For a small apartment operators, no problem, if you must have a bigger system of thinking, there must be a cloud platform, the door is only a link, at the same time also includes smart meter, intelligent water meter to the door, a very important means of customer behavior analysis at the same time with low the cost of retaining customers. If the size should be bigger, the amount of labor down the words basically have to use the online type of door locks, no matter what brand.
In addition to the group's point of view to consider the door lock, decentralized to take into account the lock to prevent the pit. Should be careful of the housing, the rent is paid, but the income does not know where to go, so the door lock should also pay attention to have such a function.
To form the product ecology, now APP is a very powerful mobile phone customers suck circle, so the door to be a part of APP. Customers may be formed between different places in the future, customers may switch between different places. So I think we should stand in the perspective of the ecological circle to think about your door lock and the choice of the system.
If we stand in the ecological point of view, the door lock can help us retain customers and can bring new revenue. But there is a need for systematic thinking and the function of the apartment without the door lock. It is also necessary to solve the low cost solution, but also to help the apartment to solve the role of reducing labor costs.
What is the software? There is no software, we put our thoughts for management and operation for buried in the computer on the formation of a software, so the software is for our process, after the system for systematic thinking with the method of software realization result.
So there is such a systematic thinking (it must be stable) so you use the computer to achieve, you can get very good price for your long-term effect. In turn, if you do not determine your own management thinking, it is impossible to achieve software, resulting in high cost, poor software. We have to think about the software to think about what you want to do, what to do.
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