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Induction type CPU Carmen card reader introduction
DATE:2016-11-04 14:22:20
Induction type CPU Carmen no card reader, also called non contact IC Carmen no card reader, is a radio frequency contactless (inductive) CPU card reader.
In order to avoid the system risk which MF1 card may bring, the reader fully uses the CPU card technology based on the Type A IS014443 international standard, and can realize the downward compatible MF1 card. At the same time to upgrade the existing security risks of MF1 encryption technology, all of the equipment for encryption processing, fully compatible with the existing MF1 card.
Encryption standard
Work key encryption algorithm and decryption algorithm using the state cipher Bureau of the commercial SM1 algorithm (key length of 128 non public encryption algorithm).
Personal identification code (PIN) encryption algorithm using the standard: 9564:1991 ISO banking business - personal identification number of the management of security.
Message authentication code (MAC) algorithm in accordance with the norms in the use of X3.92:1981 ANSI data encryption algorithm
Non contact CPU card, the mechanism can use the key version, namely for the different batches of the user card, use different versions of the key coexist in the system, achieve the key due to natural selection transition, gradually change the key system to prevent long-term use of the security risks.
Because of this series of cards have read-write function, can use encryption system, a card, it is widely used in the field of card, is currently the world's highest safety card, due to high frequency principle, reading distance is short
Characteristics of non contact CPU card
Non contact CPU card with a microprocessor CPU, a storage unit in integrated circuit card (including random access memory RAM, program memory ROM (FLASH), user data memory EEPROM) and chip operating system COS. The CPU card with COS is equivalent to a mini computer, which not only has the function of data storage, but also has the function of command processing, data encryption and security protection.
Security technology of chip and COS provides security guarantees for dual CPU card, CPU card operating system with low requirement for computer network system, can operate offline; can realize the true meaning of a multi application card, each application is independent of each other, and controlled by the respective key management system. Large storage capacity, can provide 1K-64K bytes of data storage.
Non contact CPU card encryption algorithm and random number generator installed in the read and write key authentication equipment card (SAM card) are random number to send authentication, the card has a CPU processor and chip operating system independent, can be more flexible to satisfy different application requirements, more secure transaction process design. But at the same time, with the non-contact logic encryption card system, non-contact CPU card system is becoming more complex, the need for more system transformation, such as key management, transaction process, PSAM card and personal card etc..
Advantages of electrical design:
Implement the SAM card to the card access key encryption operation, high security;
Metal shielding and card reader mutual interference ability;
Performance stability, advanced anti crash circuit design, anti surge protection, anti surge protection;
The use of pure digital import RF base station chip, no error code design;.
Intelligent sound and light control mode;
In line with international standards;
A sonorous voice, not disturbed by the tone;
Transmission distance of up to 100 meters long;
Low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance.
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