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Smart Hotel wireless networking door lock and solution
DATE:2016-12-06 14:39:01
Nowadays, only the hotel for the use of wireless networking lock is more and more frequent, then the advantages and disadvantages of wireless networking door lock what are the advantages and disadvantages of today's Guangzhou Bai Jie electronic small partners for everyone to explain in detail as follows, welcome to view!
First, the market environment
From the past to the present, the world's hotel industry, regardless of the size of the industry or functional concepts and business philosophy has been a revolutionary change. In the face of opportunities and challenges, the gradual introduction of wireless network management system, in terms of functional operators and the experience of those who are great progress.
By the traditional front desk booking registration to change to the network through the self-service booking can be; by the traditional need to go to the front desk for the arrival of cumbersome check-in success simply check the password to check in. A series of changes and innovations is promoting the rapid development of the hotel industry.
Two, program advantages
The world's first global patent, make full use of IT network and magnetic induction technology, changed the Tradition Hotel management business model, capital operation mode, enhance the hotel management level and system level, greatly reduces the cost of hotel chain management, binding members, increase the occupancy rate. The hotel can use the capital operation and turnover of recharge costs this money, let you quickly from the rapid development of enterprise talent shows itself peers within the wireless network, realize the management, to provide more personalized service, enabling customers to truly achieve anytime, anywhere, free, freedom, free, independent home network, realize the Hotel and customer win-win.
1 improve economic efficiency
The traditional hotel reservation mode, will cause the housing rental or not full house re booking, and provide unlimited network management system for online booking, to avoid this problem, so as to enhance the occupancy, user occupancy costs accounted for directly, reduce the ticket according to the transfer, increase cash flow, better to effectively prevent the occurrence of the escape account, improve the efficiency of the hotel.
2 improve service quality
Online self-help book mode, process reduces the customer to transact the cumbersome procedures, give customers a more convenient experience, intelligent experience provides intelligent lock, use ID, password card to unlock, check out the hotel convenient, let the customer enjoy the perfect service.
3 improve work efficiency
The future development of wireless intelligent management system is to achieve free front personnel management, the user through the network self booking, through password ID card in the reduction of human resources, simplify procedures, improve work efficiency, and reduce the cost, optimize the operation mode of the hotel.
4 improve the hotel management system
Through network management, in addition to the hotel front desk staff can be exempted, but also to avoid the traditional management mode brought about by the hotel staff private rental hotel room moral hazard. Wireless intelligent model for hotel security, hotel room management, administrative personnel management and other aspects of a sound management system, fundamentally improve the hotel management system.
Three, the main occupancy model
Reservation dial 400 telephone: membership hotel chain or login website, automatically send a message to the backend system to guests, hotel room number, room reservation period, is expected to 1629, open the door password and hotel address.
Occupancy: guests to the hotel to find room number, enter the password or brush my ID card in the door, the door can be opened, the Tradition Hotel occupancy, he went to the desk to produce documents, registration, payment of money, etc., and then check the program.
Check out guest: reply message 2, the front desk of the hotel can know the guest check out, immediately sent round.
Background: the settlement received guests check out information, immediately sent the rounds, in the system within half an hour the occupancy time, room number, housing 1629, other expenses for the guests to check a message, then the automatic debit settlement system
Four, program recommended
Scheme 1: network lock
The scheme is based on the TCP/IP method, which realizes the remote control switch and the door lock of the door lock and the service center to realize the remote control switch;
1 users can choose the appropriate way to open the door, the wireless network communication box can be automatically transmitted to the door lock, the user password or ID card can open the door to check in.
2 automatically eliminate the occupancy information function, the user successfully to unsubscribe from the room, the system can automatically eliminate the lock in information, check personnel cannot pass before the password or ID card to open the door, and automatically modify the room status through online booking again.
3 open the door to check the record, in case of special circumstances, can cooperate with the public security organs to quickly solve the problem.
4 can be automatically transferred to the public security department in real-time information.
4 covers a wide range, through the network remote management, the room can be scattered distribution, saving labor costs.
5 illegal lock, automatic alarm function. In case of an illegal attempt to enter the house, the door lock can automatically sense the wrong password or ID card information, send an alarm, and send the information to the management office.
6 door lock and the communication box use wireless connection, without other cables, communication box only need to connect the network cable and power supply.
7 within a certain range, a communication box can be stable at the same time control 3-5 smart locks, saving cost.
1 to be wired, the room must be used to select the cable, and set aside the crystal head to connect the communication box.
2 in addition to the purchase of the network communication box, to achieve its function, increase the cost.
3 network signal
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