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Wireless internet access control system three major advantages
DATE:2016-12-09 15:14:01
The access control system to start with a lot of wiring from the first day of birth, a complete access control system consists of eight modules of the card reader controller, lock out switch, door sensor, power supply, management center, each module needs to line. At the same time, the door of the door and the top of the door, the top of the installation of drilling equipment, therefore, the construction is very intuitive problem.
Wireless internet access door point equipment is simplified to the extreme: a battery powered lock. In addition to the above the door opening Zhuangsuo door around, do not need to install any auxiliary equipment. The whole system is simple and clear, greatly shorten the construction period, but also greatly reduce the cost of late maintenance.
Frequency hopping, encryption is another core of wireless access control. Wireless and wired a big difference is that the wireless signal is transmitted in the air, so it is easy to be outside interference, but also very easy to be captured by the outside world. So security and reliability can be said to be the lifeline of wireless access control products.
The security and reliability of wireless internet access control system are mainly reflected in the following two aspects: the security of wireless data communication and the stability of the transmission data.
Wireless internet access control system through intelligent frequency hopping techniques to ensure the signal can avoid interference at the same time, in the process of communication adopts dynamic key and AES encryption algorithm, even if it is a command of the same every time in the air communication packets are not the same, so that the listener cannot be intercepted.
However, for wireless technology, data packet encryption technology we can understand and accept, and the ability to resist interference is always around the topic is not open. To solve this problem, wireless internet access is designed offline mode, which is a guarantee in wireless interference or failure center system downtime can also open the door to the normal working mode, wireless door lock as an example, the wireless communication fails when it is equivalent to a unconnection net hotel lock, still can switch the door properly (and the open access network, users do not feel the same) between offline and online, the only difference is the offline credit card data is not immediately to the center, but there are temporarily locked in communication, back to normal after the automatic upload. Wireless Internet of things is an ultra low power consumption products, this will make the battery life longer; only the battery supply, there is a complete wireless possible.
The communication speed of wireless networking entrance guard system reached 2Mbps, the faster the communication means of signal transmission in the air the shorter time, less power consumption, and wireless internet access lock system is used only in the implementation of the action of closing the door open to electricity consumption. Wireless internet access control system can directly replace the existing wired or non networked access control system. For the office building system, the application of wireless internet access control can significantly reduce the workload of construction, reduce the use of cost; for the hotel system, can enhance the intelligent level of access control. But any new things, there are some doubts about the market, how to eliminate the user's wireless system stability, reliability, security concerns are currently the biggest problem in the market to promote. We believe that with the promotion of Internet of things technology and wireless Internet of things one by one in the case of access, wireless internet access control system will be more and more access to the user's favorite.
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Related products are widely used in government agencies, the secret department troops and military enterprises, effectively protecting state secrets and military security.
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