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10 trends in the development of wireless smart locks
DATE:2016-12-13 15:10:34
Wireless intelligent door lock is the electronic components of electronic technology, integrated circuit design, a large number of, combined with a variety of innovative recognition technology (including the mechanical design of the computer network technology, software, network card built-in alarm, lock and other comprehensive products).
From the market of Bluetooth smart locks, Bluetooth smart car lock is not difficult to predict the future of smart locks, the ten major development direction:
1, mobile phone APP become standard
APP has become the standard intelligent lock, APP lock is not intelligent intelligent lock which has become the consensus of the times, the definition of intelligent lock has changed. Accessible APP can be unlocked and mobility management operation of intelligent lock. APP unlock will be a habit for a longer period of time. The efficiency and practicality of APP will directly affect the quality of intelligent lock.
2, more extreme simple and safe unlocking method
Biometric lock, lock, unlock, physical mechanical lock speech will go hand in hand. Unlock the method is not good or bad points, simple and the ultimate way to unlock the user will become the first choice. Forgot to bring the phone to unlock the phone, the phone can be unlocked by more users like it, the voice of the lock will become one of the important options, but need more sophisticated technology to achieve. Complex, chaotic, unsafe way to unlock will be abandoned by the market.
Convenient and safe unlocking and management is a difficult problem to solve, the high level of encryption and decryption system is the basic requirement for the development of mechanical security of higher requirements essential.
3, the development and application of artificial intelligence technology to speed up
Smart is designed to solve more problems for users, intelligent lock, intelligent alarm, intelligent monitoring method is effective to solve unexpected problems, unlock, alarm and monitoring found is the key, such as the police but can not effectively solve the problem, will give users more trouble. The use of artificial intelligence to effectively solve the problems encountered by users is the inevitable development of smart locks.
4, and smart home security butt start action
Docking is a smart door lock will go the way, there is no future docking, docking is not safe can not go on. Although there is still no mature more perfect docking platform and mature docking terminal products, can be a multi platform docking may be helpless choice, security also restricts the space and time of intelligent lock docking.
5, a wider intelligent lock product line initially formed
Intelligent lock product line must be in constant extension, all products related to the lock will enter the smart lock industry, a APP to solve all the problems will soon be achieved unlocking. The lock link is more than a physical connection.
6, update the use of better materials
Good products need good material support, the development of better materials used to the smart lock industry is the development of the road must go. Durable fashion sense of the smart lock will be more sense of the times.
7, more perfect product design and intellectual property protection
Copy the product of the era will soon end, the product of intelligent lock is a kind of new intelligent products, he needs to have more features of the times, because it was installed on the traditional collocation on the door, his design is more important. Simple plagiarism and imitation will be abandoned by the user. Only constant product innovation can really solve the customer's needs to go further.
8, the user experience is more important
The particularity of the intelligent lock itself determines the rapid development of intelligent lock must ensure that the user's enough experience, not enough experience of the product consumers will be more difficult to accept. Smart door locks are widely accepted by the market, the key is enough user experience. Successful user experience, the basis must be a clear expression of the strategy, to understand the enterprise and the user's expectations and objectives of the product, to promote the establishment and development of user experience.
9, security and stability to determine how far to go
The biggest test of intelligent lock is his safety and reliability. Internet docking safety, product safety, product and product docking safety, its design and input is essential, a small neglect will have a big security issues. Product reliability and stability also determines the development of the brand.
10, the price level determines the speed of development of the market
High price strategy in the short term there will be some brand effect, can be more symmetrical in the information age, can maintain the time will be more and more short, it is difficult to fast growth of his sales. Reasonable market price should be an ideal choice.
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