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Standard for burglar proof door locks
DATE:2016-12-16 16:23:39
Now there are many kinds of anti-theft door lock level, it also represents the security level, then a standard anti-theft door lock is? Today Guangzhou Bai Jie Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. buddy as we described below, welcome to view!
Door lock classification
Categories: Hotel locks, apartment locks, intelligent door locks, fingerprint locks, glass door locks, etc. used in a variety of electronic locks.
Classification of door lock on the door, on various occasions the requirements are not the same, ordinary families generally use high safety anti-theft locks, but the price is cheaper; in some places, high-end security institutions will use the password lock, fingerprint lock, security is very high, the price is expensive; many public use glass doors, so the glass door will use widely。
Standard for anti-theft door lock
Door lock is widely used, you can see every day, but there are many kinds of anti-theft door level, which is the level of security. The following is the anti-theft door lock anti-theft technical indicators table, according to this comparison table can understand our own door level lock safety performance.
Standard for burglar proof door locks
Electronic door lock
The electronic lock is emerging with the development of the electronic technology, the convenience of use, preventing illegal opening, intelligent management and other aspects of mechanical locks are incomparable, so it has been widely used in higher demands on the security industry。 The market is the main common card, IC card, TM card, radio frequency card electronic door lock。 In many brands, many varieties of electronic locks, how to choose?
1 features to be combined with the use of the environment
Determine the functional requirements according to the application because different use environments have different functional priorities。 As financial institutions office electronic door locks, must have the functions are: for all key card must have time limit function, lock open record function, have hierarchical management function。 Based on the above function, to adapt to the development in the future, can consider the extended lock system (system management staff office, public channel, dedicated channel etc。), considering the card system technology interface, to achieve real-time monitoring of the door of the house, in the very thing case can control the door open。 The best solution is networking locks, and consider other IC card system interface, in order to achieve a card。
2 safety, stability is extremely important
Door locks as security products must have security, stability. Security can be measured in two ways: first, the fight against vandalism, mischief and deliberately pry, drill and other violent destruction. In this regard, mechanical locks and electronic locks can generally meet the mechanical strength requirements. In all kinds of door locks, only RF card electronic door lock is a fully enclosed structure, its safety is the best. Two is to prevent technology to open, mechanical lock technology to open the ability to poor. Regardless of the structure of the mechanical lock can be opened by other means. Keys can be copied is a great security risk. In the electronic lock, magnetic card without password restrictions, the key card is easy to be copied. IC card and RF card is completely solved the problem of preventing technology.
As a door lock, its stability is also very important. When the door should not open the door, the door can not close the door may cause serious financial losses. In general, several electronic locks, RF card electronic door lock stability is significantly higher than other electronic locks. If the magnetic strong magnetic field, IC black oil, dust and electrostatic (especially dry weather and wool products together, and RF card) has the characteristics of sealed, waterproof, anti-static, anti dust. From the card reading mode, only RF card reading card does not contact, its longest service life.
3 should consider the development trend of Technology
The IC card as identification, ticket, electronic wallet, and contactless IC card electronic door lock card (the operation is not convenient operation for a long time), environmental adaptability problems to be eliminated gradually, especially in public and semi public environment, such as attendance, consumption, public transportation, dining parking lot etc。。 Non contact IC card electronic door lock is a new electronic door lock。 Because of its high reliability, high security, no contact, fast and convenient operation, long life and become contact IC card electronic lock replacement products。
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