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What is life like a Bluetooth lock
DATE:2016-12-20 14:09:26
Domestic smart lock industry in the past two years began to force growth, technical breakthroughs, all kinds of products endless. If you use a smart door lock, life will be like a day? I believe many consumers are now curious about this. To this end, we choose to compare the market more well-known smart door lock products, but also visited a number of users have been installed on-site observation, in order to show the brilliant multi-faceted intelligent life.
1 worry did not close the door, the road at any time to view
Miss Fang doubted whether she got obsessive-compulsive disorder, every time after always worry about not shut the door, then go home often spend the time door view, or mind at ease, greatly reduce the work efficiency. Since the replacement of the smart lock, whether on the road or in the company, as long as the phone APP can be seen at any time locked home. Can remotely monitor their own locks at any time and place, absolute security, the other miss such a person is simply artifact.
2 cloud keys to share
My parents came to visit from home, unfortunately, in a hurry, Miss Fang to delay it for a while, can not let parents be locked in the home. Miss Fang opened the APP, click a little APP key cloud sharing, will be a one-time key sent to the parents' phone, let parents first open the door. So miss home, mother had cooked delicious soup, family reunion enjoyable. In addition, usually cleaning workers door, intermediary showings, etc., even if people are not present can share a one-time cloud key.
3 Hardware clearance, double protection
The serial burglary area, electronic lock version more households are removed, the lock core became open, property loss is very painful. Miss Fang installed intelligent lock and the home of Mr Cheung, are exempt from the harm of the thief. Smart lock using a high encryption level electronic procedures, as well as the rugged individual lock core, to protect the user's happy life. And other electronic intelligent lock is different, even if the electronic part of the intelligent lock (no one in the million), sturdy mechanical part can still stick.
4 Bluetooth induction lock, convenient and cool
Intelligent lock in performance in addition to quality clearance, what can attract consumers? The young white-collar Liu, concise and rich sense of technology design, and open the door close the mobile phone Bluetooth induction in most attract him. As long as the door lock sensing Bluetooth phone can automatically open the authentication phone, but also to solve the hands carrying heavy objects can not open trouble. The use of mobile phone switch can achieve lock, Liu felt cool and convenient.
5 electronic information absolute confidentiality, full security worry free
Smart home because of its Internet properties, inevitably with some personal information. For users of privacy, smart locks can bring them a high degree of security. Since the unlock keys are encrypted one-time configuration, matching personal information on the smart lock and the phone will not leak through the smart lock itself. From information security to physical security, intelligent lock for the user's careful consideration to win a lot of picky consumers picky.
Smart lock in the daily use of outstanding performance has been the recognition and support of many consumers, which is a valued customer experience of the most valued feedback smart home companies. Smart locks in the actual use of convenient and reliable, to a considerable extent, improve people's confidence in the domestic smart lock industry, will also lead the convenience of smart home life.
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