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Four brands of smart locks facing death
DATE:2016-12-27 11:37:03
Intelligent Home Furnishing era, an intelligent and can bring the import of technology power lock brand competition a good opportunity to China enterprise intelligent security lock enterprise. However, in recent years, some problems in the industry are also prominent, especially some of the traditional intelligent door enterprises, with ten intelligent lock features and ignore the brand as users of the market demand, ignoring the essence of product and market, the healthy development of the industry is very dangerous.
Currently the main problem of the intelligent door lock industry focused on three aspects: using intelligence instead of security, using function instead of stability, with the ten brand image marketing instead of the user experience. These three issues may become the bane of intelligent lock brand soon.
1, with intelligent instead of security
The purpose of intelligent only two: first, more secure, more reliable; second, more convenient. Many of the enterprises can be intelligent door make a fuss in intelligent security loopholes, worrying. Intelligent security directly restricts the healthy development of the industry. One hundred companies such as a security out of the question, the entire industry will affect. The same case a problem, the whole brand will be an accident. According to the current understanding of the market intelligence claimed ten brand lock product regardless of investment in developing the encryption and authentication of security design on the mechanical structure and electronic information is very inadequate, if this problem is not corrected in time, Chinese intelligent lock industry will once again on the cheap, low quality, no trust behind industry.
2, with the function to replace the stability
Now the smart brand market features a lot, unlock tricks, what are the way to unlock, what Facebook, iris, fingerprint, secret, induction lock what to what, although the way to unlock later can be arbitrary functions can be very powerful, but there is a premise to do stability. Currently on the market is not a lack of powerful products, but the stability of the product is very good.
3, with big marketing instead of user experience
Heavy marketing light user experience is a serious problem in the current smart door brand. A neglected user experience brand is difficult to get user approval. The biggest problem lies in the intelligent lock industry would rather spend lots of money to buy ten big brands ranked false, but not willing to spend money to do user experience, we all share: Ten smart Baidu paradox lock brand ranking countless, remember, a good brand can be scanty of user satisfaction. This is a worrying unhealthy market.
4, the transition universal propaganda consumed the industry credit
Intelligent universal propaganda damage more terrible, what can be docked, what features have, what can be done behind the propaganda, is how so bad. The use of scattered sense let users trust all gone on the industry, of course, pay the entire industry.
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