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Smart door lock will open the door to the Internet of things
DATE:2017-01-10 11:07:16
The development of the smart home industry, whether it is smart home 1 or the era of the 3, in fact, has been inseparable from the application of smart home scene, is to say that we live in the house. From the door into the house, to the bedroom window, to the balcony fence, each entrance of the home, each household appliances are likely to become a small part of the application of smart home. In more and more intelligent single product into the consumer's attention, many large enterprises on the one hand, the layout of the hardware market, build on Home Furnishing intelligent application platform, the router from the gateway to the mobile phone, APP, in the battle of intelligent Home Furnishing entrance, the market does not let people see very clearly.
But the smart home is so open to the potential of the market, perhaps because the pattern has not yet stabilized down, so that the industry will be able to feel the business opportunities everywhere, spare no effort to squeeze in. As the security alarm industry, establish the relationship in the family safety and the user has a very significant advantage, and anti-theft alarm as early entry into the home user hardware, users in the family of products in the market channels, product layout, usage has accumulated certain experience, therefore can allow the user to accept than other products. Of course, in addition to electronic security equipment, physical security is becoming a very important tool for security companies to enter the smart home market. Intelligent lock is a typical representative of very good, Hikvision and UOB shares of the two leading companies have launched smart lock products.
On the market of intelligent lock and application, in fact, from the two traditional security companies and we didn't get very much information, but the smart locks are so hot, not only is its general lock function, also has some use characteristics of the Internet, such as remote fingerprint door, open the door, not only let the door more secure also let the user experience have very good promotion, so not only is the traditional enterprise security will force, even Internet companies will enter.
For the application of intelligent lock in the intelligent Home Furnishing industry, held in Shanghai in December 1st 2016 the seventeenth China International Building Intelligence Summit, purple IOT Shanghai region marketing director He Lijie to intelligent lock as an example, analyzes its application in the field of intelligent Home Furnishing.
He Jie for example, if the owners opened a smart lock, the lock will tell the owner when and where, in what way to open the lock, this is the so-called two-way information feedback. For example, our children at 6 o'clock in the afternoon to go home after school, 6 minutes to open the door, so as to get a message, at 6 to 05 points in your child in what way to open the door. When the office to see the children have been safely back home, rest assured. This is the mutual concern between our family and people, from the product to reflect the humane care to consider.
Then with the progress of science and technology, the function of intelligent door lock is no longer limited to security, but also through the door to do the door to trigger the relevant equipment in the home. In the past Home Furnishing lights, windows, curtains, etc. the temperature system of a single product, is isolated without contact, now home connect all separated equipment after a small things in the family. He Lijie said the device based on the home to communicate with each other, coordinate the work of home networking, is the home of smart home.
On the other hand, the house intelligence Home Furnishing is not confined to the localization of the home networking, now with the popularity of cloud computing, when the family networking with cloud computing, to further develop the intelligent house Home Furnishing value. For example, in terms of security, after being hijacked, your mental activity will lead to the reaction of your body, enter the password and the finger shaking frequency and usually not the same. Through high-speed data operation, this time you are judged to be hijacked, alarm information and alarm calls are also notified to the appropriate personnel through the background.
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