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Access control system DES and State Encryption Technology
DATE:2017-02-07 14:25:37
Access control system has DES and 2 encryption technology, then what is the advantage of encryption technology in the following two Guangzhou Bai Jie small partners to introduce the following, welcome to view!
I. overview
Access control system after decades of development, whether from the bus structure, CPU selection, or the maturity of the technology, the completeness of the function, the reliability of the performance has a qualitative leap. However, people feel the great convenience brought about by high technology, but also for a number of specific areas, specific areas have brought many unsafe factors. For example, the information system is attacked, IC card encryption process logic was emerge in an endless stream cracked and other issues, how to use new technology to make access control system safety measures to follow up technological development, more effective to prevent the occurrence of criminal behavior, and thus enhance the security of access control system, access control system manufacturers become the face of the problem.
The need to control personnel entry sites, such as phase flow of laboratory personnel, hotel rooms, with special needs confidential departments and so on, if you use the card to open the door, instead of the traditional ID card and key, can make the management work of automation and intellectualization. The utility model has the advantages of convenient use, convenient management, and high work efficiency and safety.
Inductive technology, or radio frequency identification (RFID), is a method of reading information on a card without direct contact between the card and the card reader. The use of inductive card reader, will no longer wear due to contact friction caused by the card and card reading device, and then there is no need to bring the card into the hole in the card or magnetic card slot, only in the reader range can be shaking.
Between the RF IC card and the card reader is non mechanical contact, so especially suitable for RF IC card access control system in large flow through the. Between the IC card and the card reader using radio frequency technology of radio communication, radio waves are open in the space, it is easy to be intercepted outside, so the ordinary does not contain CPU logic encryption RF IC card against the most simple password attacks, communication content is very easy to steal, tampering and counterfeit copy, its safety even as the common contact type IC card encryption logic.
The following will introduce two common access control system encryption technology.
Two, DES encryption algorithm
In January 1977, the U.S. government will develop a product password IBM announced as the national data encryption standard. The establishment of this standard to stimulate a large number of manufacturers to achieve encryption algorithm hardware, in order to improve processing speed. The core of this cryptography is the product transformation, often referred to as DES (Data Encryption Standard) in the hardware industry. As a result, due to the availability of cheap high-speed hardware, which in turn encourages many other users to adopt DES.
The symmetric encryption system is chosen by the DES algorithm, and the encryption / decryption keys are the same, and the program design is simple and reliable. Determining the amount of key distribution, exchange, and management. The pseudo-random sequence generator in the management server generates a 56 bit key. Weak keys, semi weak keys are automatically removed. The whole system in all the cards and readers will have the serial number, the management server automatically for each product serial number corresponding to different keys, made key table to use, complete the key distribution. Symmetric cipher system in the block cipher algorithm is often used in IC card, although the old DES algorithm, but it is easy to use assembly language, so a lot of security requirements are not very strong system or priority to use it.
DES algorithm is used when there is no patent and license restrictions. DES encryption and decryption algorithm can be the same procedure, as long as the end of the iteration plus a small change, so programming is simple and convenient. Strengthen the correctness of the implementation. If one of the parties has been authenticated and not authenticated, the agreement will terminate. Each time the data are sent into the random number, when the same data is sent, each time the transmitted ciphertext will not repeat. Resist replay attack has a good effect. Choose a good pseudo-random number production algorithm, can further provide security.
Three, encryption technology
State secret password that the State Bureau of the domestic password algorithm, that is, commercial password.
In order to protect the security of commercial passwords, the national commercial password management office has developed a series of cryptographic standards, including SSF33, SM1 (SCB2), SM2, SM3, SM4, SM7, SM9, Zu Chongzhi password algorithm, etc.. Among them, SSF33, SM1, SM4, SM7, Zu Chongzhi password is symmetric algorithm; SM2, SM9 is an asymmetric algorithm; SM3 is a hash algorithm. At present already announced include Zu sequence cipher algorithm and SM2 elliptic curve public key cryptography algorithm, SM3 cryptographic hash algorithm and block cipher algorithm SM4 algorithm of text.
Contactless chip card to support the National Bureau password cipher swept the popularity of global, all walks of life is used against the chip manufacturers unexpected. Although the chip manufacturers launched the upgrade chips, but because of price, technology and other factors are not widely accepted by the market. In order to ensure the healthy and orderly development of China's smart card market, the State Encryption administration support and organization, the algorithm has also been a number of integrated circuit chip manufacturers in China is highly praised and follow the successful launch of the related products.
The cryptographic card issuing process can be divided into three steps: the establishment of card structure
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