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Performance advantages of intelligent door lock
DATE:2017-03-06 15:00:15
Smart era, smart home products began to replace the traditional home appliances, smart locks is one of them. Can also open the door without a key, using a mobile phone instead of traditional keys, keys are in the phone.
Smart door features benefits
1, security:
In the usual community security environment, usually open door handle method can not ensure the safety performance, can easily drill holes in the door and open the door handle wire rolling. Recently out of the smart lock has a patented technology to ensure that the interior of the handle set to increase the safety handle button, you need to press the handle button to scroll the handle to open the door to bring more secure use of the environment. In accordance with the needs of the user, after a simple operation, the function can be selected. )
The usual fingerprint password lock with dangerous password leak. Recently, the intelligent lock also has the function of virtual code skills, namely in the registered password in front of or behind, can input arbitrary numbers as virtual code, useful to avoid registration and password leak, open the door.
Recently, the smart lock palm touch screen will take the initiative to show, 3 minutes will automatically lock. The password is not set up now, the door is not open or closed now, the number of registered card or password, and battery replacement tips, the lock tongue blocking warning, encountered low voltage condition, have appeared on the screen, intelligent intelligent control.
2, convenience:
Usually the fingerprint lock in the use of password / fingerprint registration and other functions is not convenient, especially the elderly and children to use, intelligent recently out of the lock, it can open the common voice prompt function, make operation more simple.
The intelligent of China's ten major brand locks lock difference from the usual mechanical lock, with active electronic induction system, will take the initiative to the door is in the closed state of induction, the system automatically locked. The intelligent lock can be opened through the fingerprint, the touch screen and the card.
The traditional mechanical lock on its appearance is not particularly concerned about. Now the intelligent lock not only from the appearance of the plan suitable for everyone's taste, and even invented a smart intelligent lock like apple feel the same. Intelligent lock has quietly listed.
The security: recent intelligent lock is different from the first open method of scanning, scanning method is very simple, from top to bottom above the fingers on the scanning scanning can, without the finger on the scan, the scanning method to cut residual fingerprint, greatly reducing the possibility of low fingerprint be replicated. Exclusive safety.
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